Oral Care Health Tips

Dr. Brandon Hall

by Dr. Brandon Hall DDS.

1. Make flossing convenient by leaving a floss packet in each place that you may spend time:  at the office, next to the tv remote, bedside table, in the car (no floss-driving), next to the coffee maker, in the candy stash…just reminding yourself is half the battle.

2. Look at your tongue…if the top is white, or any color other than pink, it needs to be cleaned.  Scrub you tongue with your toothbrush each time you brush.  If that does not make it pink, then buy a tongue scraper from the grocery store.  You will notice fresher breath and better tasting food!

3. Difficulty brushing those top teeth way in the back?  Move your lower jaw sideways toward the teeth you want to clean.  This creates space for your toothbrush.

4. Looking for another SWEET way to fight cavities?  It tastes just like sugar with 40% less calories, comes from all natural plant sources, and does not carry any of the potential risks of  synthetic, lab fabricated sweeteners. And the coup de gras!! It actually fights plaque bacteria that cause cavities. XYLITOL is an all natural sugar most commonly obtained from corn. With regular use it is a proven cavity prevention tool. Aspire Dental will begin including xylitol containing product samples like gum and mints at the office and in our goodie bags for your enjoyment.

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