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By keeping part of our schedule open to accommodate emergencies and allow for treatment in a timely manner, we have made access to care easy and convenient. EMERGENCIES WILL BE ACCOMMODATED THE DAY YOU CALL. Regular, non-emergency, appointments can typically be scheduled within a few days.

Aspire Dental offers a full range of Dental services. Treatment for pain, restoring broken teeth, and cosmetic procedures are all available and easily accessible.

DISCOLORED, DARK, STAINED TEETH can be whitened in about an hour, using our state of the art Professional Teeth Whitening system.

CHIPPED FRONT TEETH are usually easily repaired without shots and pain free, using advanced bonding techniques. The material we use for repairs matches your teeth perfectly.

PREVENTING CAVITIES is so much easier than repairing existing teeth that have decay. SEALANTS are a great way to help prevent cavities from forming at any age. Sealants can be applied quickly and painlessly. How do sealants work? All teeth naturally have grooves which a toothbrush and toothpaste will never be able to clean out. Over time these grooves become packed with bacteria and food that cause cavities. We clean these grooves, then flow in a “sealant” material that bonds to your tooth and creates a smooth surface that you can keep clean.

Dental Services

OLD, BROKEN DOWN SILVER FILLINGS need to be replaced. Nothing lasts forever, and fillings are no exception. Those old silver fillings, that were probable filled when you were a kid, should be examined, and may need to be replaced. Over time, with normal wear and tear, the margins of fillings break down and allow bacteria to get between the tooth and filling material. This bacteria then causes the tooth to decay and can lead to significant tooth breakdown, a root canal, or even the need to have the tooth extracted. Our goal is to provide timely care and replace the fillings that have passed their useful life-span, thus preventing a much more painful and expensive procedure in the future. At Aspire Dental we have a special “INTRAORAL CAMERA” that takes pictures inside your mouth. These pictures are then magnified and put up on a monitor, so that you see what we see. A magnified intraoral image is far superior for diagnosis than visual inspection alone.

There are documented links between GUM DISEASE (OR PERIODONTAL DISEASE) AND HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, STROKE, LUNG DISEASE, AND LOW BIRTH-WEIGHT BABIES. Treatment of gum disease does not receive the media hype that cholesterol does, but gum disease shows a much higher correlation to heart disease than cholesterol. The incidence of mortality and coronary heart disease increases as the severity of periodontal disease increases. Gum disease can and should be treated. We pride ourselves on complete oral health, and use the latest in oral health technology to improve our patients quality of life. ARESTIN is a product that recently has made a dramatic impact on our ability to fight gum disease. Arestin is an antibiotic that is placed under the diseased gum tissue to help fight the bacteria causing the gum infection. Typically the procedures are tolerated well and pain-free.
If you are in PAIN or have any issues you think may need to be addressed, you should make an appointment immediately. Most problems cost much less money and time if treated early.

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