Save thousands by fixing your fillings. Patients often wait until it’s too late and tooth decay spreads to the root of the tooth. At this point you will need a root canal and crown which costs thousands of dollars. This June save big by taking advantage of our Don’t Forget your Fillings Special!

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Don’t wait on getting that filling done at the dentist.
Did you know that a cavity which requires a filling today will continue to grow and may need a more serious crown, root canal, or extraction later on. Small cavities can be fixed with a filling, which involves minimal discomfort and cost compared to the alternatives. Compare the cost of fillings to that of more significant dental work, like crowns and root canals: the cost of a filling is a few hundred dollars, while the others a few thousand dollars! Plus, factor in the potential for pain when that cavity grows large enough to reach the nerve inside your tooth, and it’s an easy choice…do the filling now.