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Oral Surgery Patient Forms

Postoperative Forms & Instructions


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Oral Care Health Tips

by Dr. Brandon Hall DDS

1. Make flossing convenient by leaving a floss packet in each place that you may spend time:  at the office, next to the tv remote, bedside table, in the car (no floss-driving), next to the coffee maker, in the candy stash…just reminding yourself is half the battle.


2. Look at your tongue…if the top is white, or any color other than pink, it needs to be cleaned.  Scrub you tongue with your toothbrush each time you brush.  If that does not make it pink, then buy a tongue scraper from the grocery store.  You will notice fresher breath and better tasting food!


3. Difficulty brushing those top teeth way in the back?  Move your lower jaw sideways toward the teeth you want to clean.  This creates space for your toothbrush.


4. Looking for another SWEET way to fight cavities?  It tastes just like sugar with 40% less calories, comes from all natural plant sources, and does not carry any of the potential risks of  synthetic, lab fabricated sweeteners. And the coup de gras!! It actually fights plaque bacteria that cause cavities. XYLITOL is an all natural sugar most commonly obtained from corn. With regular use it is a proven cavity prevention tool. Aspire Dental will begin including xylitol containing product samples like gum and mints at the office and in our goodie bags for your enjoyment.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect at my first visit?

The first visit takes about an hour and a half. We perform a very thorough exam. Your entire oral health is important to us, so no aspect of your mouth and it’s function is left out. This initial visit includes:

  • Paperwork that unfortunately takes time to fill out. We want to be as efficient as possible, so we have made this paperwork available for you to download from our website. Bring this with you or fax it to 491-8318.

  • X-rays of your teeth. These fall into two categories: some x-rays are taken inside your mouth and give us an up close view of the tooth, good for seeing cavities and infections of the tooth, bone and gums. The other x-ray (panoramic) is taken outside of your mouth, and shows us your entire jaw, TMJ, all the teeth, especially wisdom teeth, and sinuses. This is a great tool for evaluating the wisdom teeth, TMJ, and is a great cancer screening tool.

  • Periodontal evaluation is a close look at your gums and bone structure that surround your teeth and hold them in place. We evaluate every millimeter checking for any tissue infections called gum disease or periodontal disease. Gum disease is a silent infection most of the time, but can become acute and very painful. Our goal is to prevent a big painful infection and tooth loss with timely care using the most advanced diagnostics and treatment available to dentistry today.

  • The periodontal evaluation is the tool that we use to determine what level of care you need. If your gums are typically healthy a regular cleaning is the correct level of care, however as the health of your mouth decreases the level and frequency of care we prescribe for you must be more involved.

  • The comprehensive exam will evaluate your teeth, jaws, gums, bone, TMJ, how your jaw functions and cosmetics. We then put all of the information together, prioritize any treatment and thoroughly explain and discuss our diagnoses and recommendations. If you are in pain, or have a specific concern we can schedule an appointment that will focus on that specific problem alone.

  • Cosmetic consultations are FREE!! So, if you would like to improve your smile, and would like information about what we can do for you, just give us a call and ask for your FREE cosmetic consultation.

Where are you located? 

We are located at the corner of Parmer and Silver Creek, a few blocks west of Mopac, right in front of Cool River Café. The physical address is 3951 West Parmer Lane, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78727. View Map

Do you accept my insurance?

YES! WE ACCEPT ALMOST ANY INSURANCE, EXCEPT THOSE THAT REQUIRE YOU TO SEE A SPECIFIC DENTIST. We do all the insurance claim work for you. This includes calling the insurance company to get benefit information, interpreting this information, filling out and filing the insurance claim, which includes submitting x-rays, pictures, and other supporting documentation to maximize your benefits.


Do I need to have insurance to utilize your services?

No! many of our patients have no insurance at all. Don’t wait to get insurance before making an appointment. Good, timely preventative care will actually save you huge amounts of money in the long run, regardless of insurance.

How much is it going to cost? 

Cosmetic consultations are FREE!! Our typical new patient exam and x-rays is $160-170.

Call us today with questions or to schedule an appointment!


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