Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is the single, easiest thing you can do to dramatically improve your smile.  Start with whitening before you consider any other treatment to change your smile.  Professional whitening is faster and less expensive than any other option.
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  • Brighten your smile and look great for those family pictures

  • Feel confident about your smile

  • It takes just an hour

  • Teeth whitening technology, safety, and comfort have never been better

  • Works best immediately after a dental cleaning, and we can work with your schedule


We offer 3 whitening choices:

1. Zoom – This is our premium service, and provides the quickest, highest level of whitening available.  Zoom is only available in the office, and takes about 1 hour for $499.
2. Custom made whitening trays – We make moulds of your teeth to create a custom fit, thin plastic tray.  You use the trays at home with the professional strength whitening gel provided.  These trays will last for years if properly maintained.  $199
3. Combination – We combine Zoom and custom trays for $599 (a savings of $99).  Have white teeth now and for years to come!

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