How To Treat Gum Disease

In this video, Austin cosmetic and implant dentist Dr. Brandon Hall explains the course of action we take to remove all traces of harmful bacteria from your mouth.

How do you treat gum disease? This is a common question and it is a very well treated, addressed, common dental problem. What we do is we have you in, we do an initial consultation and evaluation to determine the gum disease and the severity of it. Basically, the initial treatment that we use is a non surgical approach which is debridement of that bacteria and buildup and tartar and calculus that are attached to the teeth.

This is what’s full of bacteria that are causing the gum disease and we need to go and just basically get rid of that stuff and get it out of your mouth and get it off of your teeth. We get you numb before this. So it’s comfortable and it’s a very well tolerated procedure.

This is the initial treatment that we do is a debridement of all that bacteria and buildup. Then we keep you coming in on a very frequent basis to make sure we keep it under control and we get your mouth back to state of health. So both of those are very important: initial treatment and then follow up care.


Meet Our Team



Dr Hall received his dental training in San Antonio, TX and undergraduate degree in biology from Texas A&M University. Post dental school residency training while serving his country in the United States Navy. Dr. Hall enjoys attending many professional development and continuing education courses all over the country.

Dr. Hall’s coursework selection is heavily focused on dental implants and prosthetics to replace missing teeth. Dr. Hall is board certified in Nitrous oxide sedation (happy gas) to make his patient’s visits comfortable and relaxing.

When Dr. Hall is not taking care of smiles, you will find him in the great outdoors camping, hiking, and exploring. He enjoys playing sports, exercise, travel, and chasing after his three little tornadoes.

Spending much of his life growing up overseas, mostly in Germany, traveling, and experiencing other cultures has helped shape Dr. Hall’s outlook on life and work. Balancing time with a comfortable, caring work environment, family, recreation, and good food (I’m hungry right now). Having fun and enjoying life is crucial in helping us perform at our best each day.

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