Are Dental Implants Affordable? With Mini Implants, the Answer Is Yes!

Dental Implants Affordable in Austin, TX | Cost of Mini Implants

Are you one of the 178 million Americans living with missing teeth? Considering that the U.S. population will be approximately 336 million in 2024, chances are good that you are! If you’re looking for ways to replace your missing teeth, you may have heard of dental implants. They provide a sturdy base to attach replacement teeth, but what about the cost? Thanks to the innovation of mini dental implants and their streamlined placement and healing process, implants have never been more affordable!

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental Implants Affordable in Austin, TX | Cost of Mini ImplantsTraditional dental implants have long been a staple for replacing missing teeth. They consist of a screw inserted directly into your jawbone and a separate abutment piece, which connects your restoration to the screw. They provide a stable base for restorations like dental crowns, bridges, and dentures once they fully fuse with your jawbone.

However, traditional dental implants have certain drawbacks that patients must deal with. Their 5 mm diameter requires an invasive placement procedure that involves incisions and stitches. They also can’t support your final restoration until they’ve fully fused with your jawbone, which takes at least three months.

Additionally, traditional implants may not be an option for patients with smaller jawbones unless they undergo bone graft surgery, which prolongs healing and extends the overall treatment timeline. To solve these problems, Dr. Hall and Dr. McNeil prefer to use mini dental implants, an upgraded dental implant.

The Mini Implant Difference

As their name implies, mini dental implants are smaller versions of traditional dental implants. But they’re more than just a slimmer, sleeker upgrade. Their single-piece titanium design measures less than 3 mm wide, allowing us to place them in tighter spaces without a bone graft. Their thin profile means we can place them without the invasive technique required for larger implants. Instead, we make a tiny pilot hole through the gums and screw the implant into the jawbone. This simpler placement is virtually painless, and most patients return to normal routines within a day or two. They also fuse with your jawbone much faster—about three weeks rather than three months—so you can start enjoying your new teeth much sooner than conventional implants.

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Last but not least, their durability and success rate are just as high as traditional implants. With all their advantages over larger implants, they must be more expensive, right? Guess again—mini dental implants are more affordable than their larger predecessors.

How Are Mini Dental Implants More Affordable?

Several factors make mini dental implants affordable. Their smaller size and single-piece design means they use less material. They are also easier to place and have a quick recovery time, so you’ll spend less time in our office. Additionally, they generally eliminate the need for bone grafts, reducing costs. Their expedited process means quicker results and fewer follow-up appointments, keeping more money in your wallet!

Replacing your teeth with mini implants is an investment in your oral health and quality of life. Missing teeth affect our daily lives, affecting what we can eat and making it more difficult to speak clearly. They can also have a long-term impact. If not replaced, missing teeth can cause changes in your facial structure as your jawbone deteriorates from lack of stimulation. By choosing affordable dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you’re improving your health and investing in the lifestyle you want to live.

Financing Options

While mini implants are more affordable than traditional ones, we understand they’re still an investment. At Aspire Dental, we strive to keep costs low so everyone can access these transformative opportunities. At your free consultation, our team will walk you through the cost of your treatment and review your insurance coverage so you know exactly what’s covered and what isn’t.

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We also offer financing assistance by partnering with four different lending companies. These lenders provide a variety of affordable monthly payment plans, so you can find one that fits your budget. For those without insurance, we offer an in-house savings program that provides discounts on dental services. With these various avenues, our goal is to ensure that everyone who needs and wants mini dental implants can get them.

Learn More About Affordable Mini Dental Implants

If you’ve delayed replacing your missing teeth due to cost, mini dental implants are a fantastic option. They offer stable, functional teeth more quickly and affordably than traditional implants. Schedule a free consultation with us today to learn more. Better oral health and an improved quality of life are just a phone call away!

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