All-on-4 Is Improved With Mini Implants: Meet Fix-on-Six

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Isn’t it exciting when the newest model of your favorite product comes along? Whether it’s a new phone, a car, a smartwatch, or some other innovation, we, as users, feel a little thrill knowing that a better version is now available. The newer model is often smaller, has a sleeker design, is more powerful, more efficient, or all of the above. In the case of implant dentures, the All-on-4 system has been helping dentists replace missing teeth for decades. But modern implant dentists like Dr. Hall and Dr. McNeil are excited to offer the newest model of implant dentures: Fix-on-Six. This restorative dental innovation uses mini dental implants to provide several benefits over both traditional dentures and the All-on-4 system, which uses older, larger implants.

The Limitations of Traditional Dentures

All-on-4 in Austin, TX | Fix-on-Six | Mini Dental Implants | Dr. HallTraditional dentures have been a major part of tooth replacement for centuries. While they serve their purpose by giving you a set of artificial teeth, they come with several drawbacks that can impact the wearer’s comfort, confidence, and oral health. Some of these limitations include:

  • Slipping and discomfort: Traditional dentures rest on your gums for stability, which isn’t the most sturdy connection. They can shift or slip, causing soreness and embarrassment, particularly during mealtime and social situations. They also put unnatural and uneven pressure onto your gums, causing further irritation.
  • Maintenance and adjustments: Older dentures require regular maintenance and adjustments to ensure a proper fit. Whether it’s professional relining at the dentist’s office or using tubes of gooey adhesive, this costs time, money, and patience.
  • Bone loss and facial sag: Because dentures don’t replace missing teeth, they do not address bone resorption in the jaw. This bone deterioration can lead to further oral health problems over time and eventually change the shape of your face, making you look older than you really are.
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All-on-4: The Evolution of Traditional Dentures

For many decades, dentists have had one tool in their arsenal that has helped deal with most of the drawbacks of traditional dentures: dental implants. These titanium screws are placed directly into the jawbone and provide a sturdy base to attach different tooth restorations like bridges, crowns, and, yes, dentures. This connection eliminates the problem of movement in your mouth that comes with conventional dentures. They also provide a more comfortable experience since the dentures will fit securely onto implants, not your gums. Finally, the implants replace your missing tooth roots, preventing the deterioration of your jawbone and facial structure.

These benefits make All-on-4 a superior option to traditional dentures, but there’s one major issue that holds them back. They rely on the larger conventional dental implant rather than the slimmer, more modern mini dental implant. This means they require a more invasive placement procedure and a much longer healing process. It also means they aren’t an option for patients with less jawbone density unless they undergo a bone graft procedure. However, there is another choice for tooth replacement that deals with these issues by using mini implants as its base: the Fix-on-Six system.

Fix-on-Six: The Evolution of All-on-4

Fix-on-Six offers the next evolution of denture solutions that address limitations and provide a greater range of benefits for patients, all thanks to its use of mini dental implants. Here’s why Fix-on-Six and mini implants are a superior combination for replacing missing teeth:

  • Enhanced stability: Unlike All-on-4, which uses four traditional implants for stability, Fix-on-Six utilizes six to ten mini dental implants to anchor the prosthetic teeth. This ensures a more stable and secure fit, allowing patients to speak and eat more confidently.
  • Improved comfort: Fix-on-Six implants are smaller and less invasive than traditional implants, resulting in less discomfort and quicker patient recovery time. Additionally, the secure fit of Fix-on-Six eliminates the soreness and irritation often associated with ill-fitting conventional dentures.
  • Faster timeline: Traditional implants require months of healing time before they can accept your final restoration. The mini implants used in Fix-on-Six can be placed in one visit, are ready to use immediately, and are fully healed in about three weeks.
  • Reliable results: Fix-on-Six implants integrate with the jawbone more quickly but just as effectively, providing long-term support for the prosthetic teeth. If cared for properly, Fix-on-Six implants can last for many years, offering patients a reliable and long-lasting replacement for missing teeth.
  • More affordable: The entire process of mini implants, from placement to healing, is faster and more streamlined than traditional implants and requires fewer appointments, making them the much more affordable option.
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